Wrathage - Distortion (OFFICIAL music video)

Wrathage - Distortion (OFFICIAL music video)


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The second OFFICIAL music video from 2015 WRATHAGE album DISCIPLINE.

Sovereign of Wrathage on the video:
"Following our previous more abstract video for "Walking to death" we wanted this time to get down to the basics and make a really grooving fast paced trashing piece of metal music video with the band playing their brains out and in this we succeeded. We are joined with Khaos (Deathchain & Deathbound) and Tuukka on the video who sung the vocals for this song on the album. We continued our co-operation with Lungi media who did marvellous job on both of the videos and now we are proud to share this video with you."

Album release date: 30.3.2015
Record label: Maa Productions (http://www.maaprod.org)

Video production and camerawork by Kim Kauppinen at Lungi Media (http://www.lungimedia.fi).
Directed and script by Joonas Juntunen with the rest of Wrathage.
Starring: Wrathage, Tuukka Myllymäki and Kai "Khaos" Jaakkola.
Media consulting by Tuukka Myllymäki.
Production Manager Joonas Juntunen.
Production assistants: Jarkko Vääräniemi, Milja Suoranta

Huge thanks and horns up to the crew, our families and friends, Petri "Smoke" Puolakka, Syynirock and Alitajunnan salaliitto & Hallankumous, Oulun teekkarien radiokerho Ry OH8TA, the Lehto family and everyone who enjoys our extreme form of metal art \m/.

Buy the album from the band (Ships from Finland): http://wrathage.bandcamp.com/album/discipline
Buy the album from the label (Ships from Japan): http://zerodimensionalrecords.bigcartel.com/product/cd

A message from Koba regarding his text used:
In information studies the distortion caused by the turbulence of the particular media/channel is often removed when examining the "message".

For example in communication between people this distortion exists because people interpret the symbols used differently and thus everyone is eventually talking about a slightly different "message" than the rest of them. In the same sense a distorted guitar is in a way a distorted/edited message where the audiosignal picked up by the mics is deliberately distorted.

There is an interpretation which says that it is exactly this distortion which is the fundamental element of making prose writing prose - by adding a random element to an otherwise logical systematic "message" - or if we assume that communication equals influencing - in a way propaganda - it is precisely this random element that makes art out of this propaganda. This way the entire universe becomes a work of art just because the universe itself contains random elements. These elements are then again interpreted and edited by systems that work through feedback (which also contain these random elements) - such as we humans. Some even distort these elements - switch the distortion on.

So in the text we have chaos and order face to face. It is about believing in yourself regardless of your interpretation and all the random elements. The will is an adamant creator of order even in the face of the endless universe of chaos. A person who realizes this, knows to be in charge of the nature of order one creates and what kind of conflicts each system maintains to function; Who eats who, who suffers, who reaps the profits.

You're measured by your function. If one only sees random absurdity structured by arbitrariness everywhere then it is easy to grin like an animal in the face of this absurd experience.

Distortion by Jukka "Koba" Ylisuvanto:

"In a distorting spree of rage and rancour
I cast my delusions
in concrete and die-cast steel

And do pain me
for I've aspired

My fervour
a bliss
distorting more

Spite I
mad tragics
a triumphant glee

in a distrorted spree
of rage and rancour
I cast off all ye that burden me
stand fast and see compassions desert me

stand fast and see
this distorted spear
encircle you and cut you out

fierce storming
achieved and propagated
through communion
with that random static
commotion in the veins and spaces

hateful quantums efface you
Oh joyous distortion,
replace me."
Black Metal

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